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Freitag, 15. März 2013 um 11:18 Uhr

In this class, you will learn what Autodesk Inventor iLogic is and how it works. This Autodesk Inventor software feature enables you to standardize and automate design processes, providing a simple way to capture and reuse your work. You do not need to be a developer to use iLogic—you only need to know how to use Inventor. We will show you how to approach a new project with iLogic, analyze problems, and define new standards and templates to create not a product but a product family whose only purpose is to improve productivity. You will learn to manage Inventor objects easily and to drive components into an assembly to change their behavior. We will start with a simple rule and work up to creating your own rules. We will also share our experience with customers who have improved their skills and overall productivity, enabling them to move from 1 project to 40 projects in only 1 month of work.
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