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Mittwoch, 12. März 2014 um 17:05 Uhr

With apologies to the 1963 classic movie, this class is based on the dying words of a Revit software tips and tricks thief. His last words help spark a class full of users on a mad journey to figure out how to get Revit to work for them in the MEP world. The adventure starts by figuring out the secrets of MEP project and family templates to help start the project out the right way, then moves into clues about custom content and parameters in families. The users then rush into a web of information about customizing views and view templates that shows the way to a clearly documented job, and they reach the finish line with ways to get more out of the model. Learn about the treasure before anyone else, with one of Dr. Shots' cohorts and latest creations—and win more work with Revit!

Key Learning
  • Customize family and project templates for maximum productivity
  • Set up custom families and associated parameters and assess when to use project- versus family-based parameters
  • Use new view template features and create custom views for nontraditional layouts
  • Get more out of your model than paper documents, and use the model with other products such as Autodesk® Simulation® CFD, Fusion 360™, and more
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