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Freitag, 04. April 2014 um 13:34 Uhr

After passing the more than 11 million registered users mark, AutoCAD 360 (formerly AutoCAD??® WS) continues to revolutionize the industry. AutoCAD 360 provides users with a powerful collaboration platform on both web and mobile to design, edit, and share their drawings anytime, anywhere. See how you can keep all your team in sync with the latest copy of a drawing using AutoCAD 360, and every change made by each teammate is immediately synchronized with all other team members. Take advantage of the design feed on desktop, web, and mobile to communicate and track issues between the site and the office. Capitalize on all that web and mobile has to offer including geolocation, camera, real-time collaboration, and more. Want to get more out of AutoCAD 360? Come and check out our AutoCAD 360 Pro plans. Join us and learn how AutoCAD 360 can improve your workflow and save you both time and money. The class walks you through some of the exciting new AutoCAD 360 2.0 features on the web and mobile apps.

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