AU 2014: Inventor Tipps und Tricks, Baugruppen, Bauteile, Zeichnungen und Content Center PDF  | Drucken |  E-Mail
Geschrieben von: Autodesk University Team   
Mittwoch, 03. Dezember 2014 um 09:50 Uhr

This class covers several workflows that answer the most common questions that Inventor software users have about assemblies, parts, drawings, and Content Center library. You will learn how to add parts to top-down assemblies; create a chamfer on a corner point having freedom in the xyz dimensions; automatically show bend up/down direction for a sheet metal part in the drawing based on line color; control the display of alternate tolerance; copy multiple Inventor software drawing views as blocks in AutoCAD software’s model space with the right scale; to manage the content center files when you move to a newer Inventor release; place a Tube & Pipe fitting in an assembly as a normal part; change the BOM (bill of materials ) Structure of a standard part family; and calculate the cost of a Structural Shape component based on a standard cost-per-meter/length.
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